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Don't ask me for anything.

You are not allowed to steal/repost or manipulate anything especially if it is not downloadable. You are not allowed to use any of my work for retail/commercial use.

There is no way to sway someone who has experienced more than you.

Grow up and Get over it.

I am not very well educated in the notion of crimes against women but neither is the average self proclaimed feminist. I understand that it is a diverse group, it's the extremists and the brainwashed I want to address. I enjoy the fact that there are more conservative people who actually see the bigger picture the extremists are trying to hide. Also keep in mind that extremist have their place with other extreme regimes, but the US is not one of those regimes. 

Men do horrible things, some men have done horrible things, rape is still widely thought of as a crime against women. If you look up the statistics on actual government websites such as the CDC regarding rape you will find that the majority of rapes are indeed done by men onto women. I don't like this statistic, but I don't like the fact that the male victims get marginalized because of this either. The looming fact is that the statement, "rape is still widely thought of as a crime against women" distinguishes a difference in how the victims are treated, recognized, and represented. That statement is something extremists live by. Once someone says the man's problem isn't the issue here the fight doesn't become about fairness or equality it becomes about the well being of one group. I'm not saying than women don't deserve attention, I'm saying that everyone deserves it. 

The bystander argument
For those people who don't immediately try to stop a person from committing a crime such as rape or assault you are also a part of the problem and should share the same consequences. Fair enough, you were there and you watched your friend beat the crap out of someone innocent or attempt to rape someone or murder that you, in your power could have helped, you indeed share some blame and are a guilty bystander.

Let's take the common rape joke scenario (literally a common argument from feminist extremists)
If you were with your friend and he made a rape joke and you do not immediately condone the joke you are just as guilty as a rapist. No, you're not, it's a joke, it's not a proclamation that one agrees with rape. They point out that it's mean and hurtful to the real victims who have had their life threatened. However, the same should be said for example instances of shootings, if one really feels that passionate towards condoning a rape joke for the victims sake then they should also be as passionate to jokes about guns. I could make a joke to a friend like, "calm down, don't shoot me" in a sarcastic tone. Clearly a joke but you don't see people stampeding to have my head on a stake because I failed to consider the victims involved in shootings. The people who can laugh at these jokes are not deranged, they can have an understanding of what is a joke and what should be taken seriously.   In my personal opinions I'd rather be raped than shot, I'm pretty sure I'd survive the rape. Both situations would physically and emotionally scar me no doubt, and neither are to be taken likely in a serious case. I'm trying to point out that if the passion towards stopping these jokes from being made were for the victim's sake then everyone victim should be protected and advocated for. But they are not, they are a select group of victims, what makes this group special? Is it because they are a majority of women? Why? Not every joke is nice and not every joke is appropriate but it does not make a bystander an honorary rapist.

The Pay Gap in America
You will find arguments stating that women are inherently paid less than men in the American workforce. If you take an hour researching on the website of The Department of Labor and Statistics you will find that the gross capital earned by women workers is around .76 to every dollar for the gross capital earned by men. Does that state a pay gap? Yes. Does that mean women are paid less? Yes. Does that mean that women are paid less because they are women? No. How does this occur? 

In not going to restate what these videos can say better. 

Probably not the best thing I should have spent my time on but I've been looking up feminist posts on tumblr and youtube. A lot of them are laughable and radical and do not make good arguments regarding the issue. You usually only find posts or remarks against straight white men. It's not even an argument, it comes off as some brainwashed complaint towards men. But then there are the posts that claim they don't understand why people don't like feminism. They point out atrocities towards women and can make great arguments for why we should help WOMEN, and that's great, I'm all for it, but somehow fail to see the countless other posts on tumblr shaming men for being simply a man. 

Being a woman does not make you innocent in any way. Woman can kill, can rape, can murder, can steal, can be pedophiles, can lie, and be privileged. Likewise Men can too. 

This is a scratch on the surface from what we can talk about. Personally I don't like the label and the extreme people associated with it and therefore I will never call myself a feminist. 

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You haves. Soundcloud account!?! I'll go check it out some time later. My soundcloud username is dubstep-kat 

I have t posted any music there in ages (basically what I'm saying is that everything that I've posted there is old and it's no representation of my current level of expertise). Anyway your art is awesome. 
MIFFthemorfin Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013
Well thanks for all the nice comments. I haven't drawn in a while though but a colab would be fun. 
TheInvertedTower Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
Could you help me understand what a function is by telling me whether this is true or not?

The definition of Function from Merriam-webster:
A mathematical correspondence that assigns exactly one element of one set, to each element of the same or another set. A variable (As a quality, trait, or measurement) that depends on and varies with another [24].

A function has three main parts: 50 x 2 = 100

1. The Input
2. The Relationship
3. The Output

What goes into the function is put inside a Parentheses after the function name.

For example: The value of f (x), for (x = 2), is f (2)

The (x) is a place-holder that shows you where the input goes and what happens to it.

This function: f (x) = x2 takes the Input (x = 2) and squares it.

So the (x2) takes the Input of (2) and gives the Output of 4

This can also be written as f (2) = 4

Other symbols besides (x) can also used.

The function: f (x = 2) = 1 - (x) + (x2) = 3
f (x = 2) = 1 - (x) = -1
-1 + (x2) = 3
The same function, but with (θ) for the Input's place-holder: f (θ = 2) = 1 - (θ) + (θ2) = 3
f (θ = 2) = 1 - (θ) = -1
-1 + (θ2) = 3

Whatever the symbol may be, the result will be the same [00].

The purpose of a function is to relate an input, to an output.
h(Gear) Gear x 20Km/h
h(2) = 40Km/h

The function takes the input (Gear of the car), and relates it to an output (The Speed, multiplied by 2).
MIFFthemorfin Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
I can tell you right now that the "for every input there is exactly one output" notion is extremely misleading as in when you hear for every 'x' there is one 'y', but for every 'y' there can be more than one 'x'. A function, mathematically can relates inputs and outputs. So you can input a number into the function and the output might or might not be given depending if you are taking real or imaginary numbers.

As for what I said earlier, conventional scholastic use of functions will break down when you get a 1/0 or an infinite, but in real life derived functions that we use as equations there are many cases where you can get multiple y's for a single x. It just means there are other variables you need to consider, meaning your equation or function is incomplete or dependent itself.

In general, this definition you gave me holds. y(x)= mx+b, y(x) is just notation signifying it's a function of y with respect to x. m and b are constants x is your input. Assuming you know the numbers that m and b are supposed to represent all you need is to give x a number and y will be given so that y = y is true at all times. This is as simple as it gets but functions in real life can be much more complicated and many times unsolvable by hand.
TheInvertedTower Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
I'm actually working on a Deviation in " writer" about chemistry, but it involves knowing the Quantum State of an atom.

For this, I need to learn Quantum Physics, because the Quantum State, characterized by a set of Quantum Numbers, is represented by an Eignfunction [22].

I don't know how functions are used in chemistry, but I'm slowly piecing together my understanding of what a function is and how to use them.

However, the only explanations I found are quite vague, so I need to guess or experiment with what they say, so that it makes sense.

This is my understanding of what you've said:

Y(x) = mx + b = 10
Y(x = 7)
(mx = +2)
+ (b = +1) = 10

But there's something else you can check for me:

What else can be processed by a function?

In mathematics, a Set is a well-defined collection of objects or things.

The object's (Or things) that make up a Set, are called Elements or Members.
These can be anything, including other Set's.

A function takes elements of a Set and gives back element of the Set.
But a function has special rules:
1. It must work for every possible input value.
2. You can only have one relationship for each input value.
3. A function is a single value. It will not give back 2 or more results for the same input.

For example: The square root of 9 is either 3 or -3.
But a function must be singular valued. It cannot give back two or more results for one input.
So f (square root of 9) = 3 or -3 is incorrect.

The square root symbol (), also called the "nth root", always means the principle (Positive) square root.
So f (√ = 9) = 3
This limit's the Co-domain to non-negative numbers.

The Importance of Co-domains:
The possible output of a function, is called the Co-domain. The real output, is called the Range.

The difference between a Domain and a Co-Domain

Domain: A (√x3 = 8) + 1 = 3
Co-Domain: A (x3 = 8) + 1 = { 3, -3, }

The function: f (N → N) shows a Domain called (N), pointing tts Co-Domain, which is also called (N).

f (N = 4)
f (√N2N2) = 2 → { 16, -16, }

The input ( = 4) has its square root found in the Domain of function f and is squared by its Co-Domain.
f (√N2) = 2
f (N2) = { 16, -16, }

f (x | x 0)

The (≥) sign is used in Order Theory, to symbolize that something is greater than the other.
The function above has (≥) pointing towards 0, so (x) is greater than 0.

t (x | x ≥ 0)
t (x = { 1, 2, 3, })

Function (t), shows that all elements of (x) are equal to or grater than 0.
w (x ∈ ℝ| x ≥ 3)
w (x = { 3, 4, 5, })

In this example, function (w) says that all elements of (x) are equal to or grater than 3.
The symbol (), called the "Set Membership", is used to say that (x) is a member of,
or simply "in" Real Numbers (ℝ).
MIFFthemorfin Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
I've taken a course in quantum mechanics, I don't remember much nor do I remember about what an Eignfunction is but I can tell you this, the function you're probably going to end up with will probably end be a function close to Schrödinger's Equation. I know that it' isn't solvable (by human or computer (yet)) for elements larger than helium. You'd need to understand how differential equations behave and are solved and you'll find that higher order differential equations are near impossible to solve analytically. The solutions to those differential are functions of space and time and probably other variables I don't even know of. But these functions will not give a single answer they could give a range of answers, or output a matrix, or a tensor. It's unknowns because of the behavior of these nonlinear high order differential equations.

In general a function is just meant to take an input, just means you have to feed it its variables (x,y,z,t,...) and will give you an output and the output is unique to those inputs.
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Kightster Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013
This requires your immediate attention: [link]
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